Bay Area Belly Dance


Many thanks to...

Gail Ritchie, my first pottery teacher, Cabrillo College, Aptos, Ca.

Sandy Wilks, for making a private studio a possibility.

Sudeep Johnson, for the loan of "my" first little updraft gas kiln, for countless firings; and for her beautiful and gracious work as my web designer.

Dave Johnson, for more hours than he will ever admit to as my computer support guy.

Kevin Wahl at Phoenix Ceramics in Santa Cruz, for answering so many questions.

Sandi Dihl, for years of shared information in the studio and a pile of very useful equipment. I am so sorry she's gone.

A handful of friends who listen, edit and help me deal with my trash.

My amazing, funny, kind family for getting me here.

IN MEMORY of Frank J. Borovich Jr.